Fire Training

Fire Training

Fire Training

Real Fire – Real Training™

Our starting point is that first responder personal must be able to interpret a fire development and make independent decisions in every situation you can imagine. The participant is exposed to highly realistic situations with combinations of LPG and fibrous (class A) fires in one of many training objects in a way that few, if any, training facility in the world can match. The training can contain anything from mass training on certain crucial moments to large scale live exercises.

You will always be able to try the latest in tactics, technique and methods at SRTC.

Can you handle the heat?

Training information



Firefighter, Commanding Officer and OvD

Entry requirements

In possession of a Firefighter certificate or following this study


In good result


At least ten



Five till seven

Overnight stay

Three till four (optional)

Before course

From the beginning, we have the ability to give you a zero measurement and/or to offer a e-learning


Digital perception

After course

Advice (optional) one measurement

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The starting level of this training can be increased with the e-learning ‘Ploegbijscholing’ you can walk through


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