Since the middle of the 1950´s, Hasslum (currently the training grounds of SRTC) have been a military and civil training area.

In 1986, the Swedish Rescue Service Agency – SRSA was established, with four training centres nation wide; Revinge, Skövde, Rosersberg and Sandö. Development of the Hasslum training centre in Skövde and the training courses concerning rescue personnel, fire fighters, fire chief and international organizations among others, continued until 2008.

In 2008, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency – MSB was created. The Swedish Rescue Service Agency, the Swedish Board of Physiological Defence and the Swedish Emergency Management Agency were all discontinued in 2008 and so were the training centres in Skövde and Rosersberg as well.

The operations in Skövde, Hasslum, then became privately-owned and the development of rescue and safety training on the Hasslum training ground continued under the new name of Swedish Rescue Training Centre i Skövde AB, an subsidiary of Autokaross i Floby AB.

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