About us

About us

SRTC operates in the areas of risk and safety. Our vision is to be the number one choice when it comes to risk and safety training and education for Swedish and international government agencies, organizations and companies.

Our key target is, through training and education, to raise situation awareness and ability among our clients on individual and group based levels. The term “situation awareness” implicates that when exposed or operating in dangerous environments, one should be able to predict course of event and how different decisions affects the outcome. This implies individual and group based actions and outcome in both short and long term perspective.

Our instructors are highly skilled and have vast experience, both as educators and by operational tasks. Due to an extensive network of specialists we at SRTC have the opportunity to offer exactly the form of expertise our clients asks for. Our educational methods depend on several steps where we combine theory with practical training. Our main focus lies with hands-on training in realistic high risk training environment. This kind of method provides the best possible results and an easy understanding, regardless of high pace exercises and new subject matters.

SRTC´s unique training grounds, which span over 300 acres, has a layout and a diversity of training objects that presents advantages that few, if any, can surpass. Participants are able to train different missions over several days, without having to come across the same training facility again. We are able to train far more than 100 participants at the same time, and have the required personal training material available for each one. Our goal is to be able to provide the latest techniques and materials for our participants.

If you request all inclusive deals, including transfer travel and accommodation and also leisure activates we are able to offer everything from barrack lodgings to hostel and hotel standards. At the SRTC´s facilities we also have a restaurant, where lunch and refreshments are provided to our participants. Travels to Stockholm can be offered to competitive prices, either by the train main line or by direct flight to Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

In 2011, SRTC is yet again certified by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency as an external provider of rescue and safety education.

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